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Internships at SuitArt

About SuitArt

vision: 5 years from now suitart will have developed into an internationally established franchise system for bespoke suits incorporating the Swiss quality standard. SuitArt specializes on the sale of individually designed bespoke suits, shirts, and winter coats with a high production level. In addition, there is a variety of accessories to choose from. SuitArt is able to set itself apart from existing suppliers in different ways. First of all, you have a high assortment of products available for personal individualization. Second, we are capable of maintaining a strong brand development. Last but not least, we allow flat hierachies for fast growing. The customer enjoys complete freedom in designing his clothes. Prior to each order a SuitArt employee takes 32 measurements of the customer. Afterwards, the customer can implement his design wishes (buttons, fabric, form of pockets and lapels, lining, cut, etc.). The collected data is then put into an order sheet and gets send to our producers in Bangkog. Our own elaborated system allows for a higher degree of individualization in comparison to our competitors. We are usually able to schedule a fitting within 4 weeks (6 days through express order). Small alterations are taken care of by SuitArt‘ s own tailors in Switzerland. We guarantee a perfect fit for all our clothes. We only produce what the customer orders. That means that there no costs for storage and the capital is only short-term bound. Moreover, in contrast to our competitors we do not carry the risk of misinvestment (sale of old collection). 2.2 range of products As of April 1st 2009 SuitArt carries custom-made suits, custom-made shirts and custom-made winter coats. Up until now we both satisfied more than 1500 customers and built up a strong supplier relationship. Our processes are subject to constant improvement. Development potential: Future sales are supposed to be supported by a design software. By visualizing the products you can not only reduce the time of consultation but also increase customer satisfaction. 2.2.1 custom-made suits The customer can create his suit from a huge variety of fabrics and garments. The most common order is the business suit. Here very classic and discreet details are chosen. The wedding suit comes closely behind the business suit. The suit can both perfectly match the wedding dress and the theme of the wedding. Naturally, fancy suits are also possible. Since there is no set pattern all wishes can be fulfilled. DJ Antoine accepted his Swiss Music Award in a purple suit. 2.2.2 custom-made shirts You can enjoy discreet individuality in day-to-day business by adding another fabric to the inside of your collar or under your button tab. We offer 12 different collars and 14 diverse cuffs. New fabrics arrive on a regular basis – our dynamic change of assortment. Patterns can be touched and compared. 2.2.3 custom-made winter coats As with suits you can choose among 500 linings. The style of the coat is defined by its length and its pocket form. The winter coat is available as slim fit und you may also add a personal monogram. 2.2.4 accessories Experience has shown that it is quite easy to sell accessories due to the high customer frequency. Therefore, SuitArt carries cufflinks, ties and hand- kerchiefs. Development: We are looking to expand the field of accessories since there is an exalted potential for crossselling. Scarves and belts are soon going to be implemented. Brand development We have invested a considerable amount of energy and money into the registered trademark SuitArt. Within the first 2 years we managed to create a wide brand awareness especially in the regions of Zurich and Basel. This brand development is supposed to be expanded through franchising. Articles in the Bilanz, in the Weltwoche and a report in Swiss TV contribute to this development. A strong corporate identity helps to build a formidable recognition value.

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