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Internships at Source for Change

About Source for Change

\"There's a way to combine the very best of the not-for-profit, philanthropic world with the very best of the for-profit, enterprising world. This hybrid is the wave of the future for both profit and nonprofit companies.\" -- An interview with Bill Strickland, CEO of the Manchester Craftsmen's Guild and the Bidwell Training Center Inc., from \"Genius At Work\". Source for Change (SFC) is a progressive company based on the idea that social values can be achieved through the private marketplace. We work side-by-side with women of rural India in creating technology-based careers delivering the highest level of quality to our global clients. Currently, SFC operates in the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry with a data entry center in Bagar, Rajasthan. The all-women, rural BPO addresses social and business needs. For our clients, we provide a high quality product at a competitive price. At the same time, our BPO associates gain technology skills and employment in an industry that would otherwise overlook them. Our core competencies are non-voice services such as data entry and image editing. Past clients have included mid- to large sized companies as well as public sector entities such as InTouch Solutions, Pratham, and the University of Maryland.

Where we are

Bagar, Rajasthan