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8 pieces of advice you need to hear (from people who know what they’re talking about)

Written by Natasha Hodgson on . Posted in Inspiring

On this thing called The Internet it’s difficult to move for inspirational quotes here and personal mantras there. Now, we’re not saying that Gandhi doesn’t have a lot to offer (peace bro, seriously), but – maybe it’s just us – we prefer to get our practical advice from people succeeding in the here and now. People who, you know, are still alive.

jk 2

Top Entrepreneurs Who Went Against The Grain

Written by Corissa Nunn on . Posted in Inspiring

You might be mildly annoyed by the title of this article. You could be gnashing your teeth with indignation, because top entrepreneurs tend to go against the grain by default. You’d be right: nobody ever worked their way to the pinnacle of a multi-million pound empire (or into one of these lists) by going with the grain, hacking away at the same tired old bit of wood as a thousand others and never seeing the wood for the trees.

Rajeeb Dey talk

Rajeeb Dey talk “The Accidental Entrepreneur” – inspiring words from the Enternships CEO

Written by Natasha Hodgson on . Posted in Good News

You may have seen us bang on about our CEO Rajeeb Dey before – he has a tendency to win things like this, this and be honoured for his contribution to UK entrepreneurship by LITERALLY THE QUEEN. So how on earth has he managed all this at the tender age of just 28? Luckily, he’s happy to tell you all.


Jack Sparrow!

10 Business Tips From Pirates: The Salty Dogs Strike Again

Written by Ella Risbridger on . Posted in How To, Inspiring

It’s Talk Like A Pirate day! In honour of our seafaring pals, we’ve worked out what you, young entrepreneur/jobhunter/blog-reader, can learn from those grizzled old sea-folk- surprisingly, it’s quite a lot. In time honoured fashion, though, we’re going to present that advice in the form of GIFs, and mostly GIFs of Johnny Depp. Because why not? Heave-to, me hearties- and away we go….