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Bill Gates calls for the dramatic improvement of MOOCs (massive online open courses) today at the World Economic Forum to aid education for all.

Davos 2013: Diary of a Young Global Leader #3

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As the world starts to bubble with Rajeeb Dey’s #unrecruitment revolution – official WEF blog here - you’d be forgiven for thinking he couldn’t possibly have time for another Davos Diary. ESPECIALLY considering he’s going to be on France 24 tomorrow at 16:10, debating the issues around the ‘lost generation’ of job-seekers (which you can stream here). Well, you’d be wrong. Very wrong. 

Interview with Melissa Morris, Network Locum, CEO of the week

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We’re lucky enough that we get to spend a lot of our day discovering exhaustingly brilliant entreprenurs. As well as keeping us in our jobs (thanks guys) it makes us want to shout about the start-ups that are keeping the UK innovative. And frankly, how on earth could we turn down the chance to interview Melissa Morris – a woman who rejected £100,000 worth of investment just to go it alone?