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The Future Test: Are You Ready?

Written by Corissa Nunn on . Posted in How To, Inspiring

Look, not all of us have the luxury of a time-travelling Delorean, or indeed Christopher Lloyd’s hairdo. The future therefore remains uncharted territory. But as a wise man once said, “confidence is preparation, everything else is beyond your control” – so take a peek at the questions below to see whether you’re good and ready, and if you aren’t, what to do about it.

magicians linked in

There are 744 magicians on LinkedIn (and other things you didn’t know)

Written by Natasha Hodgson on . Posted in Good News

You’re probably already well aware by now that if you’re trying to score an excellent job (especially in one of the bigger cities like that there Lundun) you absolutely must get yourself set up with a LinkedIn account. A great way of building a visible work network, of taking a cheeky look at prospective employers, and of building yourself an online CV.